Who we are

From the first day of the foundation of the company, we work with the best equipment from the Italian manufacturer Klindex, which has established itself as a piece of reliable and high-quality equipment, all over the World. There is the entire range of equipment in our assortment. Polishing of marble is carried out not only on the flooring but also polishing the walls, polishing the marble tabletops, polishing the marble window sills and polishing the marble steps and for each task has its own equipment.

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Polishing of marble and granite floors — Klindex Levigator 600, Klindex Levigator MAX, Klindex Levigator MAX VS.
Polishing of marble walls — Klindex Vertika.
Polishing of marble countertops, steps, window sills — Klindex UFO, Klindex Vertika.

To achieve the perfect polishing of marble and granite, we use only original diamond tools. The company’s objectives:
To remain the best company for the restoration and polishing of marble in Long Island.
Maintain long-term cooperation with partners and customers.
Use advanced technologies and materials in marble polishing.

Speak honestly and openly.

Do work so that both you and we may be proud of it. Take care of the client and marble. Consumables only from the best manufacturers in the field of marble processing.

How we achieve the best quality.

Our company deals only with marble polishing and natural stone restoration. Polishing of marble is carried out by the best Italian equipment of Klindex company using original diamond tools, and also we use consumables (glue, impregnation) from world leaders of Italy and Germany (Tenax, General, Akemi).