When and why the restoration of the stone surfaces of the kitchen needed

Products made of natural stone need careful handling and proper care. This is especially true of items that are operated in conditions of high humidity and corrosive environments (countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, sinks, bar counters, floor coverings, etc.).


Lack of proper care can lead to premature wear and the following defects:


  • stains are formed from the accumulation of pollution, ingrained food liquids, and acids; marble is especially unstable to them, therefore it should be treated rather carefully, despite its outstanding strength;
  • scratches and chips are caused by mechanical damage (cleaning with too rough abrasives, stabbing, dropping heavy objects);
  • tarnishing of the surface is due to improper care (for example, cleaning with soda, acetone, and other unsuitable means);
  • various damage to small fragments is typical for sculptures, panels, fountains and other large objects, especially if they are in places with high traffic.

In all the cases described, for help, you should contact the experienced craftsmen, who own the subtleties of the technology of the restoration process.