Recently, artificial stone has become popular in the interior of bathrooms. The bath of this material is a structure that is made of composite materials, including dyes, resins, and fillers.

Such a bath looks rich, aristocratic and elegant.

However, over time, a bath of artificial stone loses its technical characteristics and aesthetic qualities. And if you find that your product loses its functionality and appearance, contact our specialists for help. Restoration of a bath from an artificial stone is one of the modern and known ways of restoration.

What are the advantages of a bath after its restoration?

  1. Good thermal conductivity. The product keeps the heat for a long time, which allows water to remain hot for a long time.
  2. Solid and durable surface without pores and cracks.
  3. Excellent sound insulation. When you set the water in the bath, you will not hear the noise.
  4. Durable marble structure.

Any kind of household chemicals are suitable for the care of a stone bath (after its restoration), but abrasives should be avoided.

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Using the services of our highly qualified masters for the restoration of the bath, you get not only a cozy atmosphere and presentable appearance of the bathroom but also low prices, warranty, and quality.

Want to make sure of the above? Then see the work of our experts on our site. The difference is visible even to the naked eye.

We care about our reputation, which means we care about our customers.