Restoration of flooring from stone Hall

Floor coverings carry the largest functional load on the premises. And if these are coatings from natural stone, then maintaining cleanliness and preserving them in their original form is a very laborious and expensive process, requiring tremendous attention and extensive experience.


Improper care for natural stone inevitably leads to wear and damage.


Sand and dust of an abrasive structure in the summer, aggressive anti-icing agents in the winter, chemical and mechanical effects are all that the floor coverings of natural stone suffer and wear out.


Employees engaged in the crystallization of marble and grinding of granite. Have a huge experience in restoring and keeping your floors in proper shape. Using the chemical means developed for each type of stone, the latest technologies, and the modern equipment, our workers will return to your floors a primitive type. Grind and crystallize your marble or granite in the proportion that is necessary to protect against wear and reduce the risk of contamination.