In recent years, an increasing number of people prefer to use natural stone in the interior. As a rule, it is granite or marble. In addition to the simplest thing that can be done from it — floors, window sills, kitchen tabletops and other furniture worktops, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, stair steps, various mosaics, and panels are made of natural stone today.

Unlike granite, natural marble is a more delicate material, and often with careless handling of products from it, it gives cracks. Especially at risk are those products made of marble, the functional purpose of which involves the manipulation of any heavy objects, such as countertops, sinks, sinks.


If, after all, a nuisance has occurred, and the marble tabletop has cracked, then there is no need to panic and think about having to order a new one — today many companies offering marble products for sale also provide services for their restoration, and the repair of tabletops is included in list of these services. At the same time, repair or restoration of marble products today is several times cheaper than if you ordered a broken or broken product again.

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Marble countertops, which are often found on old antique furniture, marble dressing tables, decorative marble fireplace elements and so on. From time and various unexpected life situations, defects, cracks, chips, scratches or abrasions often appear on products made of marble. It happens that the marble elements of the interior are divided into several parts. It would seem that you can simply change the damaged or lost fragments, but sometimes this is out of the question because of the old manner of the product, or simply because we tend to get used to things and often just do not want to replace them with new ones.


As a rule, restoration of marble products includes works on polishing stone, jointing and filling joints with two-component glue in the color of marble, filling in cracks for scratches and chips, all consumables for restoration work, and transportation of equipment. A large number of veins in the structure of natural marble helps to restore a broken part and make the restoration site as similar as possible to a natural vein in marble. It is important to remember that if you have broken a marble product, you should definitely keep all its pieces and fragments down to the smallest fragments. This will help restorers to work on the restoration of marble elements with the least changes in the appearance of the original.