Methods for the restoration of natural stone in office space

Depending on the nature of the damage, choose the optimal method of redecoration:


  • elimination of chips — performed with the help of special adhesives. If the breakaway part is lost, it is restored, observing the color scheme of the product;
  • getting rid of scratches — polishing with a professional tool is enough for this, followed by polishing the surface;
  • stain removal — specialists choose one of the correct cleaning methods, taking into account the material texture. By the way, the most resistant to the formation of stains is stone granite. If you do not want to bother with complex product care, stop choosing granite raw materials;
  • restoration of the panel and the manufacture of fragments — the breakaway particles are glued; if they are lost, they make new ones, respecting the size, shape, and shade of the color, as well as polishing the seam position.

Please note: all work is done using safe materials that do not harm human health.